How To Gracefully Organize Your Home So You Can Feel Calm, Confident, and Love Where You Live
Why does it always feel that no matter how many times you redo your pantry, purge your closets, or clean your kitchen drawers... still feel overwhelmed in your own house?
Does any of this sound familiar...
  • You feel stressed as soon as you step in the door
  • Your jackets from each season are all mixed up in your closets
  • People’s shoes are scattered about different rooms… again!
  • That dreaded drawer keeps stacking high with random mail, notepads, and pens...
  • Some weeks the house seems clean and tidy—and then it all goes right back to the mess
  • …and it seems like everyone in the house is living by a different system!
Maybe you’re a mother of two... or a busy professional... or your family just moved into a new house—and you spend way too much time organizing (and reorganizing and reorganizing) all the different rooms in your home...

Don’t you just want to feel calm, confident, and actually—at peace—in your own home?

Wouldn’t you love to have a beautifully organized kitchen, pantry, or bedroom... that gives you a sense of calm the moment you step in the door—rather than anxiety or overwhelm?
Well, even if you're busy juggling family, work, carpooling kids, or a million other things...
 with ‘The Gracefully Organized Course’— you can!
You can finally organize your space with ease, feel at peace as soon as you walk in your house, and be in LOVE with your beautiful home.

Most importantly… you can make sure you only have to organize ONCE so you never have to do it again.

Let us show you how...  
You should actually feel “at home” in your own home! 
Imagine coming home from daily activities and everyone in the house knows where to put their shoes, hang their jackets, place the mail… 

Imagine your closets are finally in order and not cluttered with different seasons’ clothes or mismatched shoes...

Imagine no more arguments over where things go in the kitchen or pantry—or having to cancel plans because you’re too busy cleaning!
You can totally have this.
You just need the right strategies and methods to organize your spaces... for good.

Maybe you’ve watched a million YouTube videos, followed the Pinterest boards... or bought all the top organizing books. But you found that weeks, or months, later, everything’s gone back to the chaos and clutter!

Or maybe you’ve only dreamed of your ‘Pinterest Perfect’ pantry or bedroom and you wonder:
  • Where do I even start??
  • How do I get rid of all that excess “stuff”?
  • How do I organize the rooms to function for real life?
  • ​What if the rest of the family just brings back the chaos!?
If any of this sounds like you...

You’re not alone!
Because the truth is—so many of the other popular methods, shows, and books out there teach “quick fix” home organization… that ends up going right back to clutter and chaos in just a few months.

And that’s why we’re here—to help you finally get rid of that clutter and bring beauty, peace, and order to your home!

And with the ‘Gracefully Organized Course’...

...there’s one SUPER important thing we do that’s different than all the other courses out there.
We’d love to share it with you!
"I have a busy family and none of us naturally tend towards organization... the Graceful Spaces system was worth every penny and the work that we've done has actually stayed in place! I recently went through the Gracefully Organized series to organize my Kitchen and Pantry and I could not believe how EASY it was.”
The key to organizing your home ONCE—so you never have to do it again! 
What makes The Gracefully Organized Process different than all the other home organization methods out there... that most of those methods focus on “easy inspiration” and “quick fix” tactics. 

And they often result in people going right back to the chaos and clutter just weeks or months later!

Because the thing with truly successful (and long-lasting) home organization is...’s NOT just about inspiration or tactics.

It’s actually about having the “right roadmap” to follow.

A roadmap with lasting long-term strategies and simple, yet effective systems for you and your family to put in place—so you can have a “forever organized” home.

Because we get it!
We’re moms AND we’re professional home organizers. We’ve organized over 650 spaces—(including 5400 pairs of shoes, 3,000+ utensils, and over 200,000 sq feet of rooms)...
...and 90% of our clients are still organized a year later!
“Putting systems in place to help manage your house brings joy to the space and the family! Graceful spaces {virtually} designed our new kitchen flow with such brilliance, it made the cabinet design make total sense!  
We knew exactly what we are going to use each cabinet for and able to upgrade our new kitchen to look good on the inside as well as outside. Investing in this process brings such peace to an otherwise overwhelming kitchen remodel!” 
Elisa livingston
As we tell everyone, the issue is NOT your home or you.

It’s not about getting a larger laundry room, a different kitchen, OR a bigger closet.

And it’s not about watching more YouTube videos or buying more books about organization!

You just need the right systems and strategies so you can organize your home ONCE… and never have to do it again!
So if you want the exact systems, strategies, and solutions for long-term home organization… that empower your family to contribute to your organization goals...

…systems that free you from spending your time picking up after everyone because NOW they all know where their stuff belongs... that finally let you live stress-free and feel peace in a home that you LOVE...
You’ll get all of that (and MUCH more) with:
The Gracefully Organized

A detailed, step-by-step online course that shows you exactly how
to organize the spaces in your home without any stress or confusion… for good!

Gracefully Organized is an easy-to-use online organization course that provides the exact methods, systems, and solutions to make your home beautifully organized—and stay organized for good.

With fun-to-follow video trainings, beautiful downloadable workbooks, and plenty of practical home organization strategies and tips… 

Our course takes you step-by-step through the Gracefully Organized method to address the “root causes” of what makes a home unorganized and gives you sustainable practices and guidance so you can have the beautiful home you’ve always dreamed of. 
Most importantly, the course shows you exactly how to organize your home ONCE—so you never have to do it again!
Create Lasting Home Organization With a ‘Stay Organized Forever’ Strategy
After years of organizing beautiful homes and hundreds of spaces, we’ve found the best way to stay organized forever... to actually NOT focus on the whole home at first (or even the “main bedroom” or “master closet").
But to start with the THREE most important home spaces with the right strategy:
The Kitchen
The Pantry
The Laundry Room
Why is that??
Home organization is a BIG project and people can get overwhelmed, emotional, and if they do it without the ‘right roadmap’… they often revert right back to the old clutter.

When you organize your home, you want to start with these THREE spaces since they are the least emotional, the most used hubs of the home, and the ones you will feel really, really good about after you clean them up.

This approach is what actually keeps the homes of clients we’ve worked with uncluttered and organized years after that first organizing session!
90% of the homes and spaces we’ve organized as professional organizers STAY organized years later!
With Gracefully Organized, we give you step-by-step, online training modules (with accompanying workbooks) that explain our 'CEO Process' for these THREE spaces.

We will help you goal-set, develop personalized routines, organize, purchase the right organizational products, and execute through 3 specific lenses:
Because we’re often attached to certain items and areas of the house (can you say… bye-bye to that black dress from ten years ago that has followed you with every move??). 

We want you to fix the ‘easier emotional’ places first so you can feel accomplished, organized, and at ease. This will give a HUGE boost to your self esteem and your feelings about your space.
Because certain spaces are literally “the most physical” and we use them multiple times per day (think of everyone’s hands going in-and-out of the pantry, grabbing and moving all your kitchen items around!). 

Family members have different routines in these spaces and everyone can create a mess with different systems. When we knock out these “physical spaces” that are present for everyone—we actually feel better, right away (and we learn to function as a team)!
Time Commitment
Because we believe in honesty—and if you’re going to do it right, it’s going to take some time to do this (don’t be deceived… those simple “before-and-after” shots on Instagram took those organizers a LOT of time). 

We’ve found that letting go of the “quick fix” mindset and spending dedicated time and energy on these spaces creates results that actually last.
You can get Gracefully Organized today for only $97!
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So, what do you get with the Gracefully Organized Course?
With the Gracefully Organized Course—you get 4 high-quality video training modules PLUS 4 downloadable workbooks that provide step-by-step guidance and are packed with tactical solutions, troubleshooting, and strategies for each specific space using our proprietary 'CEO Process'.
Organization 101 • The Kitchen • The Pantry • The LaundrY Room
You also get printable journal pages guiding you as you develop new "home organization" mindsets and some really incredible bonuses…
When you purchase ‘Gracefully Organized’ today you get instant access to: 
The Organization 101 Workbook and ‘Before You Begin’ Video
  • An all encompassing guide to the most successful mindsets
  • ​Foundational strategies that can be applied to organizing any space in your home
  • ​​Key tactical steps to organize your home
  • ​Printable journal sheets
  • ​Answers to frequently asked organizing questions
  • ​Specific key steps to sustainable organizing
  • ​A full list of organizational tool kit items that we as professional organizers use for every project
  • ​An overview of our proprietary "CEO Process"
‘The Kitchen’ Online Training + Workbook
  • Step into your ideal Kitchen
  • ​You get the Kitchen video module and beautiful space-specific workbook with detailed steps for organizing and creating functional “zones” of your kitchen
  • ​Journaling opportunities, habit development, and the space-specific inspiration galleries
  • ​​Suggested timelines for your project
  • ​Guide to editing and donating
  • ​A comprehensive list of what organizational products work best and how to place them in your Kitchen
‘Laundry Room’ Online Training + Workbook
  • Love your Laundry Room
  • You get the Laundry Room video module and beautiful space-specific workbook with detailed organizing steps to create a functional space that reduces stress
  • ​Journaling opportunities, habit development, and the space-specific inspiration galleries
  • ​Answers to frequently asked questions
  • ​A list of the top 5 features that allow every laundry room to function at its best
  • ​Detailed steps for creating effective laundry room "zones"
  • ​A comprehensive list of what organizational products work best and how to place them in your Laundry Room
‘The Pantry’ Online Training + Workbook
  • Set up your perfect Pantry
  • You get the Pantry video module and beautiful space-specific workbook with detailed steps for organizing even the deepest corner of your pantry
  • ​ Journaling opportunities, habit development, and the space-specific inspiration galleries
  • ​A comprehensive list of what organizational products work best and how to place them in your Pantry
  • ​Real life pantry examples breaking down exactly where to place your zones and how to create a "Pinterest Pantry" look
  • ​Answers to frequently asked questions in the Pantry
For each individual training module you get access to:
  • easy-to-follow instructional videos with your lovely professional organizers & instructors, christina and rebecka (that’s us!)
  • detailed space-specific workbooks to follow along with each step of the organizing journey 
  • space-specific inspiration galleries (including photos never shown on our Instagram)!
  • practical tools and tips for “forever organizing” your home!
  • gracefully organized home budget sheet
  • donation guide for intentional donations
With ‘The Gracefully Organized Course’ you’ll ALSO get:
organizational product shopping lists and checklists for each room in your house!
insider ideas & best practices to help you overcome the most common obstacles when it comes to organizing a home
inspiration for habits that promote sustainability!
real-world advice on the tried-and-true organizing products for specific spaces  
methods for creating an effective donation system in your home and advice on how you can know when it's the right time to donate!
the tools to set up a space that will empower everyone in your home to successfully participate in activities
And access to us! (the professional organizers who can answer your specific questions)
All of this material and content contains the same processes, strategies, and solutions we use with our in-home, luxury Graceful Spaces organizing clients (where we go to their home with a full team and organize every single space). 
So, what’s the investment?
Hiring an in-home, luxury “Done For You” home organization service can take a team of 6 organizers over 5 full days to organize 13 spaces—and can cost over $10,000!

Even just hiring a team for just one day can cost at least $2,000.

For this premium online course... we’re offering the same systems, strategies, and processes for you to do at your own pace — for a tiny fraction of that price!
When you get Gracefully Organized—you get that same expertise delivered straight to your computer TODAY... for nowhere close to $10,000.
For not even half of that!

...or $1000

...or even $500!
You can get Gracefully Organized today for only $97!
Click the "I Want it Now" button to get immediate access to Gracefully Organized Course

So, who are we??

Hi! We’re Christina and Rebecka and we’re the founders of Graceful Spaces, a professional organizing company passionate about inspiring simplicity. 
Our heart as a company is seeing families' lives being transformed. 
Over the past years, we’ve had the opportunity to organize over 200,000 square feet in over 650 rooms (this means 3300+ utensils and 5400 pairs of shoes put in their proper, organized place)!

We’ve personally lived in small spaces (like a 1000 sq ft apartment in NYC with 4 people), we’ve lived and worked in average size homes, and we’ve organized enormous homes.

We’ve learned that the same effective organization methods that create clean, clutter free homes can apply to any and all homes leading to better personal day-to-day lives and family lives and we’re thrilled to share them with you!

The most common story we’re told is about someone spending time organizing their home, but it doesn’t stay organized. 

As professional organizers, this is what inspired us to develop a virtual organizing series that will empower you to make the initial organizing process a one-time activity that produces lasting results. 
We are positive, passionate, and energetic about the life-changing impact of organizing!
"The [Gracefully Organized] method helped me set up goals for each space and how to best use that space. They helped me realize that to be fully organized you need a home for everything. It's been a life-changing method in our home."
What makes us different from other Home Organization methods?  
With Gracefully Organized, we’re NOT telling you to purge or give everything away.

And we’re not a quick fix method (because those don’t actually work)!

We believe in real, sustainable organization that focuses on WHO you are as a person and family, HOW you want to be in your home, and we share the EXACT systems and solution for long-term organization to create the beautiful home life you desire. 
We believe everything starts with mindset and sustainability. 
We want to make you feel like you’re more in control and you LOVE being where you are at!

We’re different because we want to share these solutions with you so you only have to organize your home ONCE—and never have to do it again!
”One of the things I love about this course is that you're teaching me about the WHY behind your organizational methods.  It’s motivated me through the process, especially investing in product, so I’m not wading through the clutter again this time next year”
Katherine Gentry
Are you ready to end the clutter and get organized for good?
Life is busy and we want to inspire you to slow down and be intentional about your home and how you use it.

If you want MORE time and energy for your personal goals, hobbies, and friends (because you’re spending less time cleaning up the shoes, the pantry, the kitchen, the closet)...

If you want a FUNCTIONAL & BEAUTIFUL home that seems to always be seamlessly organized (because every thing has its own space)…

If you want it so your kids AND your husband know where everything goes and don’t have to ask you where to put stuff every day (because everyone knows the systems and places)...
Then the Gracefully Organized course and CEO Process is perfect for you.
If You’re Ready To Start Click Below To Get Access!
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And want to hear something SHOCKING?
Proper organization actually saves you money.
Because great organization helps you to not double up on buying things (like paper towels, spices, pasta, and cleaners…)

It teaches you to be intentional about what you buy… and gives you a clear understanding of what supports your lifestyle and what doesn’t. 

It keeps you from buying those same black tights again because you never found the three other black tights you have...

It keeps you from having expired food, or too many paper towels, or losing pairs of shoes...
Proper organization is a ONE time investment that you just keep benefiting from!
"I can’t tell you or thank you enough for what this virtual course has done for me so far. Reduced anxiety, provided a game plan, and perfect to tackle these things during quarantine. "
Courtney Horm
And who doesn’t like extras… 
When you buy Gracefully Organized,
you get these 6 amazing bonuses!
The Full ‘Organizing 101’ Workbook
($197 value)
This workbook guides you through the steps to organize ANY space in your home. It explains the tools we as professional organizers use on every job.

This beautiful, detailed workbook walks you exactly through the mindset, goal-setting, techniques, habits, tactics, and strategies to gracefully organize your home FOR GOOD using the Graceful Spaces 'CEO Process'.

This workbook in itself is worth the value in what most other online courses provide!
Inspirational Spaces Gallery
($247 value)
We love this bonus! A beautifully designed and organized library of photos broken down by space and specific zones (also linked to Pinterest).

Rather than scouring the internet for hours or getting lost online, we’ve specially curated our favorite images for all types of spaces so you can get inspired on how YOU want your home to be.

These are all images from our Graceful Spaces professional work and so many are ones you won’t find on social media!
Apps to Organize Your Life Checklist
($47 value)
We want to empower you in every area of your life! 

We've gathered a list of our favorite online apps that can help you organize your travel, to-do list, groceries, gift-giving, kids wish list, business expenses, etc.
Sorting Cards
($47 value)
Use these beautiful, printable sorting cards that can be applied to your sorting bins to keep you organized as you complete your projects. 

Beautifully-designed and easy-to-use!
‘Sustainable Donations’ PDF Guide
($47 value)
Utilize this guide with solutions for donating items during your project. Also, learn how to create an ongoing routine to ensure your future donations don’t end up as clutter down the road!

We also provide specific suggestions on how you can intentionally and effectively donate to make a difference in your local community.
The Graceful Spaces Facebook Community
($497 value)
An exclusive Facebook community where you will be surrounded by other people who are on their home organizing journey. 
That’s a total value of $835 in bonuses that you get for FREE when you enroll in the Gracefully Organized course!

For only $97!

Click the "I Want the Course" button to get immediate access to Gracefully Organized Virtual Course
"An easy step-by-step that can be applied for anywhere in the house. I am adding layers to the knowledge that I already have through the method you provide."
Daniela Manderino
So, who is this course for?
Gracefully Organized is for you if you:
  • Want to come home every day and feel relaxed, at peace, and calm!
  • Are ready to put a stop to “lack of time”, arguments with family, and conversations with spouse over the disorganization...
  • ​Are ready to make a positive and peaceful change in your physical space!
  • ​Are looking for more time—whether it’s for date night with your partner, a night out with your girlfriends, or just more time to NOT be cleaning and organizing
  • ​Are excited to invest in your space and purge what doesn’t serve you
  • ​Have an open mind and are ready to have a good time and learn :)
This course is NOT for you if:
  • You don’t want to put in the work to organize your space!
  • ​You’re not looking for simplicity and clarity in your home and your life
  • ​You don’t want to feel at ease and at peace in your own space
  • ​You’re not willing to follow along an easy (and fun) step-by-step video program
  • ​You’re not excited and open to learning new ways of looking at your home and routines!
Ready to finally organize your home
and love where you live?
Imagine… coming home from work or errands and everyone in the house knows exactly where to put their dirty shoes, hang their jackets, put the toys or the remote controls… 

Imagine… your entryway and coat closet are finally in order!

Imagine… no more fights or arguments over organization or having to cancel plans because you’re too busy cleaning!

You can sit down at the kitchen table with a glass of wine, relax, and smile because you don’t have to organize the kitchen again or spend an hour cleaning before your friends come over…  

You no longer have a “mental to do list” of all the extra things you have to do around the house.

You can feel like you’ve got extra hours in the day… because you do! 

And… you can get all of that with The Gracefully Organized course. Because this course is not JUST about organization. It’s about creating a life skill that will serve you forever. It’s about creating a sense of peace, simplicity, and tranquility in your home and with your family.  
Are you ready to finally organize your home for good so you can feel calm, relaxed, and LOVE where you LIVE?
If you’re ready to grab this course click “yes! Get the Course” below!

Because if you grab it today…

You’ll get the entire value of the Gracefully Organized Course + all 6 bonuses (which would normally be $835)
For only $97!   
The answers to any questions you might be wondering!
Frequently Asked Questions
I’m so excited to get this… Can you tell me how the program is delivered… and how soon will I get access?
You get instant access! As soon as you enter your payment information and your credit card runs through, you get immediate access to the Gracefully Organized course with all the training modules, downloads, and included bonuses.

You’ll also get direct, lifetime access to the downloadable workbooks and bonuses right away.

AND, our first buyers get first access and special discounts to future courses.
I’ve read books and watched TEDx talks on organizing… how will this be different?
Good question! A lot of the popular courses, talks, and programs out there about home organizing are so focused on the “quick fixes” and “tactics” of organizing. These can be great… for the moment... but so many people end up back to messy chaos a few months later.

Our methods and systems are meant to create real, sustainable systems and processes that keep you organized, so you can stay organized FOR GOOD! (All because we address the important root cause).
Does this really work as well as you say it does?
We wouldn’t put our business and brand behind it if it didn’t! This is the same methodology we’ve used for all our in-home clients to take their homes from stressful and chaotic to beautiful, peaceful, and organized.

We’ve boiled down the processes and strategies for each of your rooms so you can work on this at your own home, at your own pace. You’re going to love the changes you see in your home! 

Make sure to watch the testimonials above from real people who have used these processes!
How long does the course take to do?
You’ll see once you start the course but we’ve always found that doing each section of your house, slowly, intentionally, and room-by-room, creates the BEST and longest lasting results.

Each home is different and each space is different but inside your workbook you will find a suggested time commitment for each portion of the process. Typically each space will take 2-4 days to complete if you have blocks of time to dedicate to it. 
What if I’m just terrible at organizing and getting clean! Will I be hopeless?
Not at all! No one is actually terrible at organizing. You just need the right systems, roadmaps, and processes for your items and spaces. That’s why we’ve laid it out so simply with our Gracefully Organized course and processes so anyone can easily and effectively organize the different spaces of their homes.
I’m not very tech-savvy. The course looks great, but will this be difficult to do? Do I have to be tech-savvy?
This course is super simple! It’s just as easy as checking your email or watching a YouTube video... Our team has tested this course to ensure it's not only successful, but easy to understand and use. You’ll love how simple it is. 
Will I be charged every month?
Nope! This is a one-time charge and then you have instant access to the course online as well as all the downloadable workbooks and bonuses!  

This is NOT a monthly subscription service.
What if I just don’t have time for this? I’m too busy!
The best part about this course is you have instant access online for the lifetime of the course so you can go at your OWN pace. 

We get it—being busy moms and business owners ourselves—just HOW busy life can be!
That’s why we created this course. So you can do the modules and the workbook at YOUR pace. We want this to work for you and your family.
What if I don't like the course?
We are confident you are going to see life changing results from this course. In fact, 90% of clients who go through the CEO process are still organized a year after their project is complete!

But, if you complete the course - including the videos & coursework - and don't love the results, we'll happily refund your money
I have more questions — can I email you?
Of course! Email us at and we’re happy to answer any and all questions.  
We can’t wait for you to have the organized, peaceful, and beautiful home that you will LOVE to be in!
Get ‘Gracefully Organized’ today.
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